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A Lion in the AU Hall of Fame

A very nice write-up about Lion Jim Scott was in the Beacon News on June 18. He is a

legend among Aurora University coaches. In 1985, when Aurora University decided to begin interscholastic football competition again, Jim Scott was chosen to lead the program.

Excerpts from the article:

“We heard AU was starting a program,” Scott said. “I was ready for a change in my career. I applied for the position, and was hired in the summer of 1985.”

Aurora University could not have chosen a better leader than Coach Scott. In addition to his football knowledge, Scott possessed many leadership skills. He was a good communicator with the ability to inspire others, and was very positive and able to build trust. He had a strong vision as he built a program from the ground up.

Coach Scott led the 1992 Spartans to the first NCAA Division III playoff bid of any football

program in Chicagoland. The school joined the Illini-Badger Conference in 1998, and was

champion of that conference in 1998, 1999 and 2000. The team was co-champion in 2004, Scott’s 19th and final season as head coach. He finished with an overall record of 102-69-3, and was inducted into the AU Hall of Fame in 2013. Scott also taught math during his entire time at the school, becoming an associate professor about halfway through his tenure.

He continued in that role for 10 more years after retiring as coach.

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